Baghdad’s Bombing History

The BBC has assembled a very powerful flash map showing the location, date and number of victims of all the terrorist bombs in Baghdad from 2003 until Feb 2007. The map also charts the changing sectarian make-up of the city


A visit to the site makes for a most sobering and thought-provoking hour of your life. Everyone should spend some time there.

I’ll say no more than that.

The death totals shown are truly sickening:

Feb 2007 – 446

Rising Total: 35,557

And figures are not available here for the last 8 months – a time that has been horrendous for the city and it’s people.

If anyone ever doubts the wisdom of the Northern Ireland Peace Process they need only look at this to see the alternative. It’s a nightmare we went through here but NEVER, in our worst days, did we have to experience such massive carnage.. Hopefully, the Peace Process can keep us from ever having to know horror of this magnitude.

(Note: Just click on the above screen shot to visit the map or click HERE.)


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