We’re not Brazil, we’re…

I’m not a dedicated follower of football. I’m the sort that only knows the names of two players in the Northern Ireland team, David Healy and Kyle Lafferty. football.jpgIf the next match Northern Ireland v. Denmark is on a television near me I’ll watch it.

For dedicated followers of Norn Oirish football and for lots of information about players that have played for Northern Ireland there’s a blog entitled Northern Ireland’s Footballing Greats. If you can help, the blogger there is looking for any old football books relating to Northern Ireland…


Have you got any old football books relating to Northern Ireland?

Here at NIFG we are looking for yearbooks, club histories and biographies to help fill in the gaps.

If you have anything that may help, please get in contact and we can discuss a price.

In recent years you can’t mention Northern Irish football without the name Lawrie Sanchez popping up. After all he managed the team when they beat Spain, Sweden and England, that win over England will never be forgotten.A book entitled Lawrie Sanchez – The Northern Ireland Years is due to be published on November 15th…

It gives an insight into how Sanchez produced an amazing revival.When he took over in January 2004 Northern Ireland were 124 in the FIFA rankings and had not scored for more than two years.

By the time he resigned to take over at Fulham, Northern Ireland were ranked 33, at the top of a tough group in the UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying championships and striker David Healy was the leading scorer in the tournament.

If I read the book and the blog you just might find me at Windsor Park singing…

My eyes have seen the glory of Espana 82
We’re little Northern Ireland show the world what we can do
With Laurie as our leader and we’re coming after you
And this is why we sing

We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland
We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland
We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland
And its all the same to me


3 Responses to We’re not Brazil, we’re…

  1. talkni says:

    So it was Northern Ireland 2 Denmark 1 and played on the nearest thing to an outdoor swimming pool that I have seen in a long while! If only Windsor Park has under soil heating the lads could have had a sauna as well as a swim! Well done Northern Ireland… well done. At least the weather should be kinder in Spain.

  2. CyberScribe says:

    Looks like the weather didn’t help. Better luck for the World Cup!

  3. Ivan says:

    Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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