Food waste- who’s fault is it?

I just loved reading this piece by Dennis Winterman on the BBC Website. It’s not very often you food2.jpgread sense anywhere these days but this is one of them! His piece – The lost art of leftovers – explores the wastage of our normal cookery lives. According to Dennis our lost skills in using leftover account for:-

“… 6.7 million tonnes of food we throw away each year. A third of all the food we buy is now thrown into the bin and half of it is still perfectly edible, according to the government’s waste reduction agency, Wrap. You’re throwing away one bag of shopping in three, it says.”

Good grief…. every £90-00 I spend in Tesco’s I’m throwing away £30!! It is startling when you think of it that way.

Dennis goes on to argue that:-

  • we’re basically all too lazy to use up leftover food and prefer just to chuck it;
  • we really don’t know how to shop for food – we just throw anything in the trolley and don’t have a plan;
  • domestic science should have been extended to into boys’ education instead of being virtually eradicated from the school timetable;

It’s pretty hard to disagree with all of this. He goes on to say:-

“This wanton wastage is not only costing us money – up to £400 a year – but is hurting the environment: the methane released by decomposing food in landfills is the most potent of greenhouse gases. Cutting it out would be the same as taking one fifth of cars off the road, says Wrap.”

I now feel throughly chastised for my extremely lazy attitude to using up those leftovers and intend to discover what to do with the 2 potatoes, 6 pieces of carrot and three marrowfat peas left after to-night’s night’s dinner.

I’ll let you know if I find a recipe that is edible…. in the meantime if you come up with any ideas don’t be afraid to append them below.

***Check out the WRAP website and their campaign Love Food Hate Waste. ****


4 Responses to Food waste- who’s fault is it?

  1. greendweller says:

    Sounds like the beginnings of a great stew to me! I apologize not having a recipe for you, but I think the classic stews of my childhood always included potatoes, carrots, celery, and beef in a nice stock, plus whatever was around in the kitchen!

  2. judithgr says:

    I think it’s immoral to waste food. Food is produced using finite energy resources, and that matters. Anyway, that’s a decent start on minestrone.

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  4. Sniggles says:

    I never waste food in my home as I am an ardent cook and love my food, all left overs go towards my next days lunch or if there is enough I will make an interesting meal out of it the next evening. In the main I cook enough for our needs and rarely is there left overs except when I cook a big roast dinner or something like that but as I said it NEVER goes to waste !!!!

    Waste not want not , as my mother used to say and she was so right.

    Sniggles………….manufactured in Magherafelt .

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