Iraq 1: Costs

I came across this interesting website to-day while researching an article on the war in Iraq. I thought it was so revealing I’d share it here and now.

As of five minutes ago, from the time of posting, the war had already cost:


That would be:-


And counting…… this is madness! An obscenity?

The Americans could have bought the country for half of that … could they not?

In New Orleans it has already cost:-


That would be:-


I’m sure that devastated New Orleans community could have spent this money on better things… like rebuilding their homes, economy, lives, schools…..

And none of this is counting the lives lost and the trauma caused and that will be caused over the next few years.

Does anyone else out there think this is just pure madness? I’d love to have your views..

Click this article’s title, scroll to the comment box, choose your own site name and post your comments. You’ll only be required to give an email address but that will not be made public.

Let’s talk……


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