Halloween…. nuts anyone?

Yip… it’s here again.


The mayhem and madness of a Halloween in Northern Ireland is just a day and a bit away!

Look out… the ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, fairies, fake rozzers, toadies, and assorted Disney characters are about. They will be roaming the streets day and night, whooping it up and making mischief.

Yip… I’m all for it….


Ah, well, I’m nearly all for it.

I really enjoy the apple cake – no-one makes it these days the way my mother used to buy it in the shops but I can’t have everything! I enjoy the amazed look on the weans’ faces as they see the massive fireworks display lighting up the Foyle Basin. I enjoy the wee wans, accompanied by worried parents(!!), doing the trick or treat routine at every house in the street and us all pretending we don’t recognise them.

Seriously, I do enjoy the craic of all that. I’m a bit more concerned about the teenagers getting plastered and roaring ‘n’ shouting ’til 4am but hey I’ve bought ear plugs for this year! I’m glad that so far this year the scourge of the firework seems to have been kept under control. I always fear hearing about some kid who has had an eye burnt out or a finger blown off by a mishandled or thrown banger.

So.. good luck to all the nuts who’ll parade the streets of Derry in the cold of Wednesday night dressed as Miss Piggy, A Charlie’s Angel, Snow White or The Creature from the Blue Lagoon! I hope you all have a pleasant night and don’t get too ripped off by the nightclubs on admission charges.

Be safe.

Oh…. if you want to find out about all the festivities in Derry where a world class festival of madness has infected the complete population then go here for a full program. Suffice to say:-

Loads of stuff all day then Parade at 7pm ….. Fireworks at 8pm

You’d have to be bonkers to miss it but dress up so as not to feel out of place!


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