At Derry’s Continental Market

It’s here and it’s happening right now. So.. get on your boots.. get out your wallet and get yourself down to the Continental Market in the Guildhall Square!


The market runs from Thursday 25th October right through until Sunday 28th October and features traders from all over Europe selling everything things from Wild Boar Burgers to German delicacies I can’t pronounce! Still, the smells of the market would take your heart away with all the open air barbequing going on.

The normally wide open spaces of Guidhall square has been transformed with a riot of coloured stalls nestling against the historic walls in the unaccustomed October sunshine.

Even with a little bit of a cold cut to the morning air it was a very pleasant stroll. It’s a joy to see the place so busy with shoppers and sightseers.

The Guildhall Square is a truly brilliant site for a town market. Enclosed, yet open to all. Very scenic with the backdrop of the Guildhall, Derry’s Walls and the O’Doherty Fort. The old cannon on the walls tend add to the medieval atmosphere. It is a market space made in heaven. Why we don’t use it more I really don’t know!


Well done Derry City Council!

And if you haven’t been to the market yet….. you don’t know what you are missing!



One Response to At Derry’s Continental Market

  1. joe says:

    A riot in DERRY. NEW THING, JOE

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