A380 Delivered!

It’s happened.. the first A380 has been delivered to Singapore Airlines. It’s a massive thing as you already know and has attracted lots of media attention on the recent tour testing out landing facilities around the world.

A380 And it is an absolutely fascinating machine. Tickets for the first commercial flight are supposedly changing hands for $100,000! All the proceeds are going to charity which is a nice touch. Pretty steep! But hey… if you have the money then why not?

The size of this thing is… well… amazing! But the luxury is quite staggering as well. That is the luxury for 1st class and business passengers. As usual there is a cattle class for the rest of us!

Business Week suggests economy passengers should try to book for the top deck where the seats are only 8 abreast instead of 10 abreast as they are on the lower deck. Here… have a look at the Business Week Slideshow: Peek inside the A380 and see how the other half live or, rather, will live when then flying Singapore Airlines! But private suites, 12 in all, is sort of rubbing our noses in it a bit, as far as I’m concerned!

Funny though… I don’t think we’ll see one of these machines landing at City of Derry, George Best or Belfast International Airports. Hey… can you image one of these giants in the hands of Ryanair? 😉 Singapore Airlines have 471 seats but the standard configuration apparently allows for 555 seats. Ryanair would pack maybe 2000 folk into economy and have them all standing up! The 1st Class area would be used for the extra luggage and you’d be charged £30-00 a time for the extra privilege of having your case travel in luxury instead of in the hold!


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