Cruel comment… so so cruel…

Sometimes this job throws up some strange things. The web is loaded with information and articles and photographs but sometimes, just sometimes, even the most surefooted websites get it wrong.

Take this Reuters news story covering the latest report on obesity. Entitled “Obesity a consequence of modern life” the report is well worth a long read as it basically says that modern living has a lot to do with the obvious ..ah… enlarging of the general population. It’s our modern lifestyles that are causing us all to be fatter – you’ll be glad to know. Massive plates of chips, piles of burgers and mountains of sticky buns washed down nightly by three gallons of beer are not really the cause. So rest easy….

The piece has the obligatory snapshot of an overweight lady but whoever put together the page either wasn’t thinking about the layout or was trying to be subtle. You tell me!

I’ve ringed the bit I think you need to notice…


🙂 Well I found it funny but there ye are…..


2 Responses to Cruel comment… so so cruel…

  1. haroldmaude says:

    It’s no big deal. They use that ‘full size’ text for every photo like that, no? All you, my friend.

  2. talkni says:

    😉 R U sure this isn’t a special comment just for this photo and article, Harold? I mean it is a big coincidence isn’t it…. 😉

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