Where have all the trolleys gone?

Where have all the trolleys gone? Sounds like the beginning of a good song, doesn’t it? (“Ah whemmmm [clears throat] “Where have all the trolleys gone, long time passing. Where have all the trolleys gone, Long time ago…etc etc )

The trolleys in question are of course the very useful and utterly annoying supermarket variety. Useful at the supermarket when the alternative is to hump piles of stuff around in your arms on the weekly forage through Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda or whatever your local shopping emporium happens to be. Utterly annoying when you get one that doesn’t work. What’s the choice here…. traipse back to the trolley park wrestling with 30lbs of uncooperative metal or abandon the darned thing in an aisle leaving your £1 coin for the first brave soul who wants to dance with the devil? On balance – and I’m not usually accused of balance(!!) – I hate the things!

But in their right place and when looked after properly I have to admit that they are useful. Now where I really get angry about these things is in situations like this:-

trolley_line.jpg trolley_line2.jpg

A Talkni staff photographer took this image along the banks of the beautiful River Foyle today.

‘Nuff said…… “Tesco, hi,…we’ve found one of your lost trolleys. Care to collect it?”


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