I took a wee walk yesterday through Creggan Country Park in Derry. I snapped this picture of the wee boats idling the morning away.


Now there are probably more scenic places around Derry and there are, certainly, more historic but, on an Autumn morning with the sun shining I can’t image anyone who would not have fancied a trip around the lake in one of these boats.

It’s funny the times you meet folk and the things that come up in conversation. While walking on the path above the lake I met a gentleman baby-sitting his young granddaughter – can’t think of a more healthy spot to pass an hour, by the way. He produced a camera and asked me to snap the occasion for the family photo album. He’s used this walk with all five grandchildren over the years so is building up a bit of a family tradition. In conversation it transpired that this guy was from the same street my grandfather and father were born in! He was even able to add a wee story to my family history. He reminded me that my grandfather was a very fine piccolo player but added that he was a great whistler and could always be heard as he came into the street – the renowned Thundering Down – whistling some tune or other and his family would always stop for a minute and listen.

This city never ceases to amaze me with how truly small it is. You are never far from someone who knows more about your roots than you do!


One Response to Boats

  1. Hi, Just read your entry on the website. I work up at the country park and we’re always looking for wee stories to put on our website to illustrate how people use the park. I was just wondering if it would be ok for me to use your text (unedited of course!) on our site? Its Let me know what you think sure. Its a great illustration on why we need to keep community spaces going. All the best

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