Wiped Out – Skint?

So.. I’ve been talking to a lass tonight about money – hard subject I know but let’s stick with it for a moment.

Here’s the argument she made in a nutshell:-
money1.jpg 1. I’m young.
2. I’m skint.
3. I’m working as HARD as I can and getting absolutely no-where.
“So what?” I hear you ask, “I was the same when I was a student….”

But, for a moment, can you forget the old arguments that you have used on your weans at university. Basically every week you argue with them that:-

  • they drink too much;
  • they don’t study enough;
  • why the f**k are they’re going to Rome/Rhodes/Dublin/Boston etc etc for a week when they have work to do?
  • etc..etc

Seriously.. are we asking too much of our young people? We expect them to study, to grow and to support themselves as they do that. Then, we expect them to pay off a massive student loan debt when they finish college. Can’t we just pay for their university education, as our parents paid for ours, and hope that someday- someday, perhaps – they will be in a position to pay for our OLD AGE because one of them – that is all that is needed – will find the cure for cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s ?

I remember, you didn’t know I had a memory did you, I got a grant to go to university. Without this I would never have managed to go at all. Can we not manage to full grants for the next generation? Are we less insightful or generous than our parents’ generation were?

So… are you young, out there and skint? Are u suffering?

Come on back, we need to hear from you now about what it is like to be short in the pocket in the modern world. NO….put down the pizza, put aside that pint, don’t swallow that vodka….. just tell me why you need support, ok? Unless you tell us old folk why you need support you won’t have any.

Go for it… make us guilty for not supporting you …sorry… u … better.


One Response to Wiped Out – Skint?

  1. Old'skint says:

    What is all the crying about? Students have it easy. They are living off the fat of their parents’ hard work and don’t even have the good grace to thanks them or count their blessings. Young people in Northern Ireland are spoiled rotten. They have an easy life compared to the young in India, Africa or china. It’s time they stopped crying and got down to some work.

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