Wasps – wipe out!

Intrepid readers of Talkni.org will remember my account of the unwelcome flying visitors in my loft – a wonderful nest of wasps:-

Well, you’ll have guessed that the time came to strike back, especially since they seemed to be intent on taking over my whole house. As you can see from the photo their abode was getting so grand I considered sending them a rates bill! Hey, I figured if they were stinging me I might be able to sting them back, yes? Sadly they ignored my pleas to assist with the rates so they had to go.

Now, being of sound mind and a complete duckle when faced with little flying, stinging, stripy b******s, I knew that although I had to take the fight to them I was severely outnumbered. Their massed thousand stings versus my two flailing hands – I know when I’m out-gunned!

To the rescue came the vermin exterminator, the insect repellent extraordinaire, the best for the pests – Mr Charlie Page! Balanced on a rickety ladder, the provision of which was my sole contribution to the operation, the fearless wasp-killer took on the massed hordes. Check this out and tell me you fancy this job!
Surrounded by clouds of angry, stinging insects and protected by only a netted face mask he delivered a few puffs of white powder and slew the lot! Man versus – no contest. Just sneak up on them and zap them with chemicals. Yesssss! Me? Where was I? Oh… cheering him on from 100 yards away. It’s as well the ladder held itself ‘cos I had NO intention of being too close to this action, I can tell ye.


So… after ten minutes only a few remained outside the nest guarding an already dead queen.


There ye are…. not much left of them now…. as long as all their relatives don’t come to the funeral I should be ok, eh?

Oh… if you need Charlie’s insect killing services you can get him on 02871377082. Just tell him I sent you. You’ll not get a reduction on an already frugal price but you’ll be able to swap some good stories to post on Talkni.org!


2 Responses to Wasps – wipe out!

  1. Bee Man says:

    I’ve seen beach balls smaller than that nest. How long was it there? years?

  2. Anthony Russell says:

    Over the years i have had bats, starlings, rats, mice in the house – wasps, pigs, cows sheep and horses in the garden and ticks on my person.

    I do sympathise,


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