Autumn with a Soft Vengence

Well… it’s been threatening for weeks and it has eventually arrived – Autumn!

autumn3.jpg autumn4.jpg autumn1.jpg autumn2.jpg
Absolutely lovely time of year. Just before the winds clear all the trees of their fading leaves. Funny how the colours can look so vibrant even though the skies are a bit on the grey side.

The first strong wind will wipe the branches virtually clear but for now only the most tired make the drop. I walked along a busy road and there was a short break in the traffic. A shower of mottled yellow leaves took the opportunity to float to the ground while the going was good. With the traffic missing, for a moment, and the leaves drifting down it was the calmest and most peaceful I’ve seen that road in twenty years. Nature always finds a way to triumph.

Let’s hope for a long, mild Autumn.


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