We haven’t tried this in NI….but..

Maybe we’re missing a trick, eh?

This story from Reuters perhaps points the way we could go to sort out the assembly but then maybe already have enough witch doctors there already…

The story, Police catch witchdoctor at poll tribunal, says:-

ABUJA (Reuters) – Nigerian police have arrested a witchdoctor employed by a politician to perform rituals at an election tribunal, local media reported on Thursday.

Officers caught Oluwole Abiodun on Wednesday at the court building in south-western Ondo state with charms and copies of the Bible and Koran in a black plastic bag.

A pot containing a rabbit, seven eggs, cowrie shells and palm oil was found nearby, the state News Agency of Nigeria said.

“Abiodun said that he was sent by one of the principal officers of the state House of Assembly to perform some rituals in the court premises,” the agency said.

Hundreds of cases are being heard across Nigeria to resolve disputes arising from April elections that were so heavily rigged they were deemed not credible by international observers.

The witchdoctor’s rituals would have been intended to ensure that the challenge to the election of the legislator failed.

Harvard debateHey… come to think of it… if Al Gore had only thought of this innovative approach we might not have good old Dubya in the White House! If only Gore had found the “rabbit, seven eggs, cowrie shells and palm oil” then we might have avoided all those Bushwacking of the English language detailed here at Dubyaspeak.com


One Response to We haven’t tried this in NI….but..

  1. CyberScribe says:

    Sure we have Big Ian singing a hymn after he gets voted in, what else do we need? 🙂

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