Jobs I wouldn’t do for a FORTUNE! No 2.

Ye see… it’s a height thing with me. Being of a somewhat small stature -small but born with a good-sized chip on each shoulder(!!) – I have this aversion to being higher up than a bar stool. So, as you can guess, I ain’t too keen on being the person who has to be here to do any job:-


You see it’s something about all that ..ahhhh ..nothing that would be bewteen me and the ground that makes me turn a fair shade of green at the thought of being caged here:-


What possesses someone to want to do this?

You see there is precious little to hold on to, is there? You are at the mercy of the wind and the hail and the rain. Buffeted around, swaying from side to side while every zephyr which must feel like a gale! And I have to say… I think the climb up would do for me any day! And having to be rescued by the fire service every day at 5pm might just p**s them off something fierce!

So…No. After careful consideration I have decided that you wouldn’t get me up in one of those things for a fortune! My hat is off to the guys who drive them daily.


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