Mourinho GONE!

Well it has happened. The “special one” has left the Chelsea building! And the Chelsea website is mercifully, if unusually, brief! Here’s their statement in full…


And… far no statement from the man himself! The good old Beeb are giving it lilty over there – Mourinho makes shock Chelsea exit. But with no comment from the Russian mafia representative and the Portuguese seemingly stuck for words, for once(!), they are in a pretty pickle for anything to say!

Doubtless, as soon as Jose has added to the reported £10,000,000 separation fee with an enormous fee for an exclusive interview with some fleet street red banner, we’ll get to hear the full story. I’m looking forward to his statement. Will it rival Eric Cantona’s famous seagulls analogy? Or be up there with his champions league, “Class One” Eggs comparison!? Oooooh! could be fun this. Did you miss that quote: He said:-

If you have no eggs, you have no omelette. And it also depends on the quality of the eggs. In the supermarket you have class one eggs, and you also have class two and class three.

“Some are more expensive than others and they give you better omelettes. Sometimes the class one eggs are not in Waitrose (an English supermarket) so you don’t go there.

Either way…. he’s scrambled out with a few quid so he should be ok! Me? I’ll miss the “special one’s” match briefings but I think I’ll take to me bed to-day so that I won’t have to listen to the wails of anguish of Chelsea fans around the UK!

Will Chelsea be better off under new management?

A quick poll…..

Should Chelsea have sacked Mourinho?

1) Yes
2) No
3) Don’t care

Make your own poll

And the results of the poll so far are?

Those who voted say Chelsea were right to part with the manager … but… most people just didn’t vote so (drum roll) I figure no one really cares! (note: as a Man United fan I have to admit to feeling a little smug that so few care about Chelsea to hold an opinion on this one!!)


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