Foyle Bridge – a stunning structure!

I took a wee walk down by the Foyle yesterday and just had to grab a few photographs. The Foyle bridge is a stunning structure when you’re up close and looking at it from the right angle. Usually, of course, we’re all flying across it as quickly as possible and hoping teh darned thing will stay up there long enough for the journey! But from another angle it looks like this:-


And this:-


As a testament to concrete it’s pretty cool!

Is there a better looking modern structure in Northern Ireland? I doubt it!


2 Responses to Foyle Bridge – a stunning structure!

  1. Hi Martin, Are these photos, where the Derry~Londonderry Greenway and cycle paths are going to be i.e. is that is part of the Connect2 project? Just curious where the Derry site is as I’m only familiar with the Ballymoney site, that I’m invovled in.
    Joanne (from Connect2 Northern Ireland on facebook)

  2. talkni says:

    Joanne, I’m not entirely sure what the route for the paths will be. In Derry we have a cycle path system that is quite extensive so I assume the Connect2 money will expand that system. Maybe some of our cycling folk in Derry have more info they can give us? I’ll ask…. meantime check out this item for more info on Connect2: Connect2: Going for £3.15 Million for NI!

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