Irish Rugby…. come on lads!

Ireland 14: Georgia 10

Oh dear … and what a display. Stuck in my armchair I regretted the decision not to watch this match in the nearest pub! I was in bad need of a pint to calm my nerves as the Georgians went ahead after scoring their first ever try in the World Cup. Boy…. those guys really threw everything they had at the Irish. And the lads looked rugbyball.gifcompletely lost. Brian O’Driscoll looked totally shell-shocked as wave upon wave of Georgians, most from French second division rugby clubs, battered the Irish defence unmercifully. The Georgian players seemed to be operating on some high octane fuel that the Irish lads didn’t have access to.

By the time the referee blew the whistle for full-time I was almost as exhausted as the Irish team looked after a magnificent display of defence. Eddie O’Sullivan did a great job keeping his calm in the upper reaches of the stands but god only knows how he must have been feeling.

So… what happened? What has gone wrong? Can the Irish team rally in time to meet France and Argentina?

Gulp……. I’m off to book a seat in the pub for the next match anyway!


2 Responses to Irish Rugby…. come on lads!

  1. talkni says:

    Gulp 2!

    I’ve read all the local papers, listened to the radio shows, watched the TV reports and pundit statements and… I’ve come to the conclusion that Ireland’s Rugby Team is in deep, deep dodo! Not because of their play, which was lackluster, but because of the poor level of their support!

    At this point we are in real danger of sounding like the English when they jump all over their national teams at the slightest excuse. They build a team up one minute and then scream for blood at the first sign of trouble.Is that the Irish way? I thought we had more spunk than that.

    So… let’s not go down that road. Come on the lads. Roll on France and let’s get right behind the team so that they can feel a green tidal wave rolling across the continent in support of them!

    Me… I’ve booked me seat in the bar… I’ve got the scarf at the ready and win or lose I’ll be cheering. Go on guys…. you CAN DO IT!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. talkni says:

    So I watched in the pub and saw a valiant Irish team go down to a France wit flair. Those guys really played. But yet again we have the knockers! As soon as the game was over the reporters went out and asked lots of folk what they thought of the team’s performance. All the coverage I saw had grumpy ruggers complaining. GOOD GRIEF… get over it. You were in Paris, watching the match, at the World Cup – what more do you want? Jam on it? You could have been at work you know. Smile for God’s sake.

    The team did well – so what if they got beaten? At least they tried as best they could on the night! They looked like they wanted to win and like they were together. Can we get behind this team a little more please? Let’s stop quoting the TV pundits and their trite wee publicity seeking pronouncements. Let’s just cheer the team onto the pitch, live each tackle with them and pray that against Argentina they find that little bit of magic.

    Come on, lads…. you can do it. Engage….. (and that applies to the supporters as well!)

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