I know a wee spot…….

Lucky enough to take a little stroll the other day through a woodland walk just outside Derry. As the DOE guide to Ness Wood says:-

“Ness Wood Country Park comprises 50 hectares of mixed woodland known as Ness, Ervey and Tamnymore, in the sheltered Burntollet Valley. The main feature of the Park is a spectacular waterfall (the highest in the province), from which the Park derives its name, based on the Irish “an las” or Ness meaning waterfall. After the last ice age, ten thousand years ago, the old Burntollet River course was choked by glacial boulder clay deposits. In eroding a new channel through the underlying metamorphic schist rocks, the river has created the magnificient waterfall, gorges, potholes and rapids which are a feature of Ness Wood today.”

Now I couldn’t put it better meself – so I haven’t! I’ll content myself with posting one wee picture instead:-


Well…. maybe the place is soooooo nice I’m tempted to show off some of my other shots. “Ah… go on go on go,” I hear you say. So… I will!

How’s this:-


What with the September mild weather and a wee bit of run in the Burntollet River it makes for a really nice spot for a stroll. You’ll travel many a mile before seeing a place as nice. It’s one of those places that Northern Ireland does so well. Under-stated and under-rated but purely magical for the soul.

You should try it…. 🙂

PS: Oh.. I wonder where else is worth an Autumn visit? Any suggestions?


6 Responses to I know a wee spot…….

  1. CyberScribe says:

    Is that water polluted?

  2. talkni says:

    No… not polluted at all. Just runs that colour from the hills after heavy rain. It is quite a sight when in full flow I can tell you. One of the best times to see the falls is a couple of hours after a really heavy rain fall.

  3. pomie says:

    Anyone ever been to Islmorada ?


  4. talkni says:

    I began wondering if CyberScribe had hit the nail on the head about pollution being shown in these photographs so I decided to ask the Department of the Environment for their opinion and expertise. A rather nice lady has sent me this comment after looking at the photographs. She says:-

    “Re: Watercourse in Ness Wood_ possibility of pollution

    Thank you for your query regarding the above and I hope we can answer it to your satisfaction.

    Water flowing through peaty soils will take on a brown colouration and your photographs clearly show the peaty waters that flow through Ness Wood.

    One of your photographs also shows foaming at the bottom of a waterfall. Whilst this can be caused by pollution from detergents this is usually accompanied with a noticeable sweet smell or scent. Pollution caused by detergents is usually white.

    Foaming can also be caused through naturally produced organic surfactants which are released from algae and plants when they die and begin to break down. The foaming is caused by the changes in the water surface tension and the introduction of air into the water which is why it is often seen accumulating at the base of waterfalls. This foam can start off white and turn brown as it ages and accumulates dirt into it.

    Given the location of your photographs it is almost certain that this is natural foaming and not an indication of pollution.

    I hope you will find this information useful and should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Incidents of water pollution can be reported to Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) 24hrs/day, 7 days a week through our WATER POLLUTION HOTLINE

    0800 80 70 60 OR email Emergency-Pollution@doeni.gov.uk


    So that sounds like a reasonable explanation, doesn’t it?

    Thanks DOE for the very quick response.

  5. CyberScribe says:

    That’s good to know and getting a response so quickly is amazing. I’ve learnt something new today. I’m sure anyone who reads this and is in the area will make a point of visiting Ness Wood Country Park.

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