Gulp…. I wouldn’t do that job for a fortune!

Quite a bit has been written on this website about the impending Cross Border Inter-connector and it’s impact on the environment and the people it will overshadow. And it is right, in my opinion, that this is so. But not particularly fancying the interconnector spanning my house does not stop my admiration for the skill, bravery and bottle of these guys:-


Now, personally, I have to admit that you wouldn’t get me up on one of those things fer a fortune! I’ve been known to get dizzy just painting the ceiling – a fact that has saved me from that job for years and years. The ceiling does need some work but I haven’t killed myself trying to have it done!

Mind you – in my own defence – I’m not quite as bad as my mate who gets a virtual nose bleed and a vertigo attack standing on a high golf tee! What? What’s that you say? He should just stand on a lower tee? Whem…. right… so that is the level we’re sinking to! I see.

But… hats off to the guys in this photo who were labouring to paint the grid system on the Barnesmore Gap when I snapped them. And I didn’t see even a wee safety harness anywhere.

How high were they?

Judge for yourself…. shiver:-



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