That’s cat…….

Snapped this picture of a sad moggie out my backyard.

What did he do to deserve this, I wonder?


Is this feline aversion therapy or just some kitty with his head stuck in a funnel!?

Ah… the wildlife I’ve seen out my backyard. I could write a book you know….


And he obviously isn’t too happy!


Mind you… is that a mike? Maybe he has something to sing about?


3 Responses to That’s cat…….

  1. Guesser says:

    Is that cat going to sing or what?

  2. Diane says:

    poor baby – looks like it’s had it’s ‘bits’ removed. Hence the miserable expression. Well, wouldn’t you be a wee bit scundered if someone had tampered with your unmentionables and then dressed you up as Queen Elizabeth the First?

  3. talkni says:

    The ‘cat lovers” among my readers will be glad to know that Wee Whitie – for that is the name wot I have given him – is alive and well and currently collarless! People who know me will also know how adverse I am to the company of animals… I really really don’t get on with them! No.. I mean it… I really don’t get on with cats, dogs, horse, cows, budgies, snakes, alligators, mice, ants, beetles, robins…..etc I could go on but you get the picture. I like these things at a distance!

    So imagine the shock I had the other night when closing up the back garage door this white fur ball shot under my arm squealing and hissing and over the half door. Yip… the bl***y thing had decided to investigate my garage…. his exit almost stopped my heart!

    Laughing? You try closing up the garage in pitch black at 101pm and having a ghost cat shoot up your arm… go on.. cat lover. You try it ….. and tell me then you didn’t lose one of your lives!

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