Anthem… sure, what’s in an anthem?

Well… (sigh) here we go again with all the usual positions being adopted in the current re-run of Northern Ireland sporting fixture between the “Soldier’s Song” and “God Save the Queen”. Of course this saga has been played rugby2.jpgout many times – see this interesting account for a pretty balanced view of the various twists and turns of the history – and is there really an answer? Do we really want to find one!

Sure….. the television air time taken up by the debate could be used to cover something important instead – like the impending disappearance of the bee population – and the time spent by politicians representing our various views could be spent instead on figuring out what to do about:-

the disturbance of student parties in University land!

the flaunting of dangerous dogs in Northern Ireland.

– the continuing use of petrol attacks on ordinary people sleeping in their own homes.

Any of these things I’d quite like to hear local politicians addressing and taking up news space. But of course we’d all really rather hear another re-run of the anthem debate… wouldn’t we?

Personally…. I figure if you are strong enough to stand in Ravenhill with the wind whistling up you keister watching a bunch of heavies crushing a football then you are possibly strong enough to listen to whatever the band plays – even if it is Phil Coulter’s “Ireland’s Call”!

Mind you…. I think I can guarantee one thing. When the Italians are in a scrum trying to wrench off the opposition heads they won’t be thinking, “Did this guy sing “God save the Queen” or “Amhráin na bhFiann”!” They’ll just be thinking about winning the ball and the game.

Maybe we’d need to be doing the same?


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