Arson Attack on Bangor’s Bingo Pensioners

I’ve posted a few items on this site about anti-social behaviour but few as worrying as this account of an arson attack on some old pensioners enjoying a game of bingo:

Read the story here: BBC News    or see the video  BBC video here

arson.jpgA couple of teenagers have been arrested and charged with committing this attack. Well done the PSNI and the community on swiftly taking action here.

What is wrong with these kids? Have they NO brains at all? No-one can be so bored that they pass their time by burning old folk… can they?

Again – as I’ve asked here before – what can we do to prevent such anti-social behaviour among teenagers. We need to take action and it is more than obvious that what we do at present is NOT working. We need a new approach and we’d need to find it quick.

Don’t be shy in posting your suggestions….. given the dangerous antics we’re seeing an suggestion might just save a life.


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