Footie… it’s back.’s that time of the year again. The time when the male part of the population turns its eye towards the new football.jpgfootball season and anticipates unmerciful ribbing of the opposition fans. Yesssssss! The perfect way to pass the winter months. Hours of endless analysis on TV (pundits prevaricating, Alan Hansen’s single raised eyebrow, Gary Linekar’s crisp interventions etc etc ) , fabulous slow motion replays of great goals or missed opportunities (Andy Cole with some new technological zizzmo, ohhhh Ahhhhhh etc ), brilliant and endless rehashing of player mistakes ( Would you look at that/ what a tube/ that was hard luck etc etc ) but, most of all, the chance to take the mickey outa your best mate’s choice of team!

So… who’s it going to be this year? The monetary might of Manchester, the continental guided guile of Chelsea or is there maybe an outside chance that the small fry, any team that has spent less than 100 million pounds this year on players, can steal the show?

Game on… who do you think will take the title? Time to put your neck on the line in public and back someone….anyone.  My money? That is firmly on United again – where it has been for too many years to say here!  So there…… who says I’m not brave! 🙂


3 Responses to Footie… it’s back.

  1. Football Lover says:

    Who cares. This is a game played by total thugs and rich spoiled nancys. They do nothing for their communities, their cities or their countries. They only provide a very poor example for young kids who see them diving, complaining and cheating their way through life. Who cares that they are back on our screens. Its just a waste of public money that would be better spent on solving world poverty and feeding the hungry.

  2. talkni says:

    At last… A Manchester United win! Manchester United 1: Tottenham Hotspur 0.

    My pick for continuing greatness this season seemed to be in trouble but that makes a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. talkni says:

    Eagerly anticipated match to-morrow (Saturday Sept 1st 2007) with Roy Keane returning to Old Trafford at the helm of Sunderland. Don’t expect them to roll over for United!!

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