Hope for me yet!?

I just loved this Reuters story from Australia: Granny becomes world’s oldest master:-

“A 94-year-old Australian great-great-grandmother who quit school at 12 is said to have become the world’s oldest person to earn a university masters degree.

Medical Science Masters Degree graduate Phyllis Turner, from Australia’s Adelaide University, began studying for her postgraduate degree at age 90 and received her award this week.”


The story goes on:-

“Turner left primary school at 12 to help her mother look after her siblings after her father left the family.

She returned to study almost 60 years later, enrolling at the prestigious Adelaide University to study anthropology at age 70, winning honours in 2002 before moving on to her masters.

Henneberg said Turner completed a research based paper into the anthropological history of Australia prior to European settlement and international investigations showed she was the oldest postgraduate degree recipient in the world.”

Now if Phyllis can do it… maybe there is hope for me yet! What a magnificent achievement. It brings a certain style to the phrase “life long learning”, doesn’t it?

I wonder who the oldest student in Northern Ireland is?

(note: just had to use the above photograph which was taken by the poet Aisling Doherty while touring Australia with the Belfast Poets Touring Group – they are currently touring the USA(August 2007) so check out the website for performance dates.)


One Response to Hope for me yet!?

  1. Aisling says:

    Thanks for the mention!
    And thats a great photograph!!!

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