Anti-social and dangerous or just life in NI?

Recently we captured this picture of an underage rider of a scrambler bike doing 30-40 mph across some open ground close to a housing estate, a children’s park and a main road. Now the bright side is that biker.jpgthe young lad had the good sense to wear his crash helmet so at least there is less chance of him being killed when he spills the machine. So I applaud him for that piece of good sense.

The dark side is that the same area was filled with young children playing at a local park and mothers pushing their babies in buggies. I didn’t see any of them wearing their crash helmets. I’m also pretty certain that the ear splitting cackling of this scrambler machine was very welcome to the people in the nearby houses. I’m sure that those trying to sleep after biker2.jpga night shift, mothers with new babies just put down to sleep and the local pensioner population were all really relieved that this young guy was able to get his kicks so readily. I’m sure they did not mind his antics at all. In fact…. I think I saw a couple of people waving enthusiastically to spur him on.

Me? I think this is something that needs tackling. Scrambling is fine on scrambling tracks with the correct safety precautions in place. It’s a fine and thrilling sport but it doesn’t belong in our local parks, play areas and open spaces.

Anyone else agree with me?

What is your experience of this behaviour?

Is it as common all over NI as I think it is?

What do you suggest can be done to stop the practice?


One Response to Anti-social and dangerous or just life in NI?

  1. End of me tether says:

    I’m glad that someone else is talking about this problem. Frankly I am at the end of me tether with bikers zooming up and down the open space close to my house. Someone is going to get killed soon because these weans are not taking any care at all. They are speeding, they are noisy and they are dangerous. Why can’t the police put a stop to this behaviour?

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