The Worst holiday I ever had….

Well… it’s that time of year again!

The time when we try to burn our hides to a crisp lying in the mid-day sun, walk our wee legs off seeing the “sites” that we wish we could see in cooler weather (if plane.jpgonly we could afford to take the time of work) or use a few days in the pleasureable pursuit of a completely comatose state (the reasoning being that if you can’t remember what you did or how you did it then you MUST have had a gooooood time!)

So what’s you’re favourite holiday memory from years gone by? What bit sticks in your head as the BEST holiday you ever had? Would you recommend the trip to others?

Roll up… roll up …….record your holiday tale here!


2 Responses to The Worst holiday I ever had….

  1. Thomas Cook Holiday maker. says:

    Holidays are difficult for me since 2003. That unfortunate year I booked the wife and the two weans into a beautiful sounding hotel in Portugal. Now, some time has passed, and the hotel may be brilliant at the moment, so I don’t particularly want to name it in case their business goes very bad. But….

    In 2003 we arrived at 2.30am at the hotel to no welcoming committee from the tour operators. The hotel dispatched us – my party of three – and all the others who had arrived with us around the complex with a map in Portuguese to guide us. F**k I can hardly read ENGLISH! Needless to say, 30 minutes later we still had not found the room, despite pulling cases up (and down) numerous flights of stairs in bleeding sweltering heat. An hour later we were still 50 minutes from finding the room. Why was there no such thing as a guide or a porter?

    When we eventually found the room…. it was not what we had paid for! Given that it was 5 o’clock in the morning we decided to make do. S**t…. we needed the sleep- badly – really badly.

    The following morning I approached the hotel desk and made some inquiries about our problem – a single room where we were supposed to be enjoying a suite. It took seven days to find a solution and a suitable room. (I wonder why?)

    Did I get an apology? Did I F**k!

    Did we get a refund for the inadequate room? Did I f***k!

    Did I get an apology from the company or the company reps? Did I f**k!

    Conclusion? Miserable holiday. Miserable reps.Waste of money.

    And I’m not even telling all the horrors here.

  2. Trapped in Donegal says:

    30 years ago my wife and I decided to spend the Easter Weekend in Donegal. The intention was to take in the scenery, listen to some great music and get totally blocked for as much of the time as possible. We found our way to Derrybeg and then Bunbeg and eventually tried to find a place to stay.
    As the rain chucked down in unending buckets we found the only place available. A flat-roofed shack miles from the nearest pub! The place came complete with slightly damp beds and refrigerated rooms. The music was no-where to be found, the wind howled everyday, the pubs were smelly and dirty and the food was just awful. But the scenery was stunning and still is to-day when I visit. But now I take great care to book somewhere warm and we’ve even found a few pubs where the food is good.

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