So.. here’s the thing…

water – fresh beautiful and drinkable –glass-of-water.jpg falls from the sky, after being sucked from the sea by the fabulous winds of nature, fired into the upper atmosphere, then condensed by the cold of our wonderful planet’s stratosphere. Among it’s better qualities is the fact that it is free and abundant (well in Northern Ireland anyway!) – all because nature has done it’s work so brilliantly and at the end of the day it has cost us nought to produce in it’s raw state… yes? So far you agree?

And then… we (human beings) plonk ourselves right in that fabulous cycle and, basically, do our very best to mess it up! Instead of managing water —– it falls here, we need it there, so let’s move it…(?!!!!??) —– we, as a population, instead spend our money on things like bombing ourselves into oblivion. Well.. we bomb our less vocal world constituents into oblivion .. don’t we? Meantime, of course, this precious resource that falls freely from the sky is wasted so badly that those who need it don’t have it. The spectacle last week of fire crews in England pumping away water from a reservoir to avoid it’s collapse is just one example of how badly we manage our water resources. (I always imagined that reservoirs were contructed to HOLD water…. silly me!)

And the next thing we’ll know is that the sun will shine for a day and we’ll all be on water rationing!

What?…. excuse me…. is this the best the leaders of our planet can do? Where are the leaders with a tad of sense? For the cost of a single day’s Cruise Missile delivery on Iraq we could probably have built a pipeline from Northern Ireland to Southern England and delivered all our excess water there at a premium price!

I’ve just looked this up – and I’m willing to be better informed on the figures if anybody has better ones available- but it looks like each cruise missile costs $569,000 or £280,638.44.  So given the number fired during the Iraq war we could probably have built a nice wee pipeline for clean water from water-drenched Scotland to somewhat parched Southern England….. and still had some change left over for a booze up for the lads involved in the building …couldn’t we?

So have we got out priorities wrong? Instead of dealing with the basic needs of humanity are we so focussed on destroying ourselves that we cannot see the bigger picture – the future when we all live together!

Come on guys.. it is 2007.. it is the 21st century. If we are not careful we will waste another century before we manage our water supply and have clean , affordable water for EVERYBODY on this planet. Who among our world’s politicians has the nerve to stand up and defend the protection and management of our water supplies? And… this management does not mean the introduction of massive water charges – just an excuse for profiters to make fortunes from basic necessities – we need some politicians who realise that some things are beyond financial profit….. water is one of those things.

Step up guys .. we need an organiser .. we need a statesman! Where are you?

Oh…. if you need an excuse to think managing water is a good idea how about considering the costs of mismanaged water supplies in terms of flood damage? And, in case you haven’t considered it, what might the costs of a disease epidemic caused by poor hygiene in the wake of excessive water charges? I figure that managing our precious resources is one of the tasks of our elected politicians. We’ve spent centuries getting to where we are now and this generation has to build for the future as other generations have done. At the moment I don’t see much evidence that we are doing our part for the next generation.

Now.. maybe I’m wrong here with all this……. unless you agree?

But….. if I’m right and you want to console yourself…. isn’t that glass of water just a wonderful human achievement? Poured straight from my tap. What a pleasure and a privledge.  🙂


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