Some women are worth keeping an eye on… if you have one!

Just loved this story on Reuters….. Blinded by love, HK man stabbed in eye by girlfriend. Now go have a wee chopsticks2.jpglook at it – but not if you are at all squeamish! Ouch… it’s so good I have to post it here as well!

A Hong Kong woman who blinded her boyfriend in one eye in a fight six years ago has been jailed for jabbing a chopstick into his other eye, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. Last November, Po Shiu-fong, 58, accused long-time boyfriend Kwok Wai-ming, 49, of having an affair, the South China Morning Post reported.

During the row, Po stabbed a plastic chopstick into his left eye, which she had already blinded six years ago when she poked it with her finger. “Po became hysterical when she saw the wound and mopped it with a towel. The pair then went to bed,” the paper said.

“The next morning they had another argument in which she grabbed a chopstick and stabbed Kwok’s right eye,” it said. Two days later, he sought medical treatment and filed a police report against Po, whom he had dated since 1993.

The paper said he didn’t report the attack six years ago, telling the court his silence was “a love sacrifice”. Kwok lost 10 to 20 percent vision in his right eye, the paper said. Po was jailed for six months on Tuesday.

“If I forgive her, God would not forgive me,” the paper quoted Kwok as saying. “No matter what, nothing could compensate for the loss of my eye.”

Absolutely fabulous as a story! I always knew that chopsticks were dangerous!! And I shall resist any moves by my better half to introduce them into the house!

Gives a whole new meaning to, “Stick on on him, luv!”


One Response to Some women are worth keeping an eye on… if you have one!

  1. paper utensils from now on says:

    aye but think about the Irish version, maybe she’ll try and stick a meat pounder or fish slice in yer eye!

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