Eating Out: The Horseshoe Bar, Enniskillen

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Sometimes, just sometimes, in my role as designated family taxi I get the opportunity to visit parts of Northern Ireland that I love but see way too seldom! One of those places is Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. horseshoe_front.jpgI just love that wee town. The folks are so friendly that it is a joy for the visitor. On my latest trip I had too lucky encounters worthy of reporting on any internet site. So here goes…

The first was a visit to the local library where a real gentleman of a librarian managed to solve my computer access log-on problems by renewing my very-out-of-date library card! So I was able to spend a pleasant thirty minutes checking on various websites at the very best cost of all…. £0-00!

Thanks mate for your help and assistance. I wasn’t aware I could use my library card to gain free internet acces across the Western Education and Library Board area. I hope this item publicices this a little! Why have all those computers idle when their is free access. The Enniskillen Library’s suite was being well used and I think helpful librarian are responsible for that!

The second encounter was with The Horseshoe Bar where I enjoyed a very nice lunch at a really reasonable price. A bottle of bud, for the family taxi passenger (I resisted the temptation to try out the beer ‘cos as designated driver it would be foolish even to have one pint, wouldn’t it!), one roast of the day (beef) and a Chicken and Bacon Open Soda came to our table at a very reasonable £12.30. horseshoelunch.jpg

And I have to say that at that point I knew we’d lucked out on the choice of lunch venue! The meal was excellent. Nothing fancy, just plain tasty pub lunch grub. Just as required after a long morning drive and some Enniskillen site-seeing. Perfect really.

So well done the owners of The Horseshoe. Now I wonder what their evening meals are like…. I’ll have to schedule another trip that way to find out!


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