Hold these for a minute … will ye.. son?

I was absolutely gobsmacked by this Reuter’s report: Indian doctors held for letting teenage son operate. It’s so good it’s worth a quote:


“CHENNAI, India (Reuters) – An Indian doctor couple was arrested on Monday after they allegedly allowed their 15-year-old son to perform a Caesarean section operation, police said.

The two were booked for various offences, including cheating, impersonation, causing grievous hurt and endangering the lives of persons.

The couple, from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, screened a video recording of the operation to other doctors in the hope of getting an entry for their son in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest surgeon, newspapers reported last week.

Family members said the boy was only helping out in the operation on a 20-year-old woman, handing his father medical instruments. But Indian medical authorities investigated the case and found the couple guilty of malpractice, after which the police arrested them If proven guilty in a court of law, the couple could be in prison for 3-10 years. Police said a search is on for the boy.”

Now… this knocks the socks off the Northern Irish scheme where you bring your wee lad into your workplace for the day to see what mum or dad does for a living, doesn’t it?! What were they playing at? What was going through their minds – apart from a desire to be in the Guinness Book of Records? Mind you… they might make it into the nuttiest stunt section!

Note: This item has been brought to you in the spirit of “The City/Royal/Altnagelvin/Causeway/Erne etc ain’t so bad .. are they?”

Unless…. you know better?


One Response to Hold these for a minute … will ye.. son?

  1. talkni says:

    I cannot believe that no-one else thinks this is the most amazing story… are there no doctors in Northern Ireland who figure this is wacky? How about some surgeons’ children….. did mum/dad take you to work as assistant mini surgeons??

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