Extra Qualification in Inclusive education

Congratulations to Queens University and ICEP (Institute of Child Education and Psychology) on their interesting new Diploma in Professional Development (Dip PD) Inclusive Education which will be available soon.


Educators can grab their chance to learn more about Inclusive Education by joining this online course. Interesting that this is being offered online. For a change educators will be able to get a qualification without trapsing through the traffic to Belfast or Coleraine. Even teachers from far flung places like Fermanagh and the depths of County Down will be able to take part! Inclusive or what? That’s the power of the internet fer ye. 🙂

Oh the joy… teaching notes all prepared, resources neatly packed, own weans tucked up in bed, lunches all made for the morning, a nice glass of wine poured in a cracked crystal glass and Northern Ireland’s teachers will be well prepared to spend a couple of hours locked in an online study to find out how pupils with special or additional learning needs, including those with disabilities, can best be educated in local mainstream schools.

Now I wonder how many will find the time or have the energy to undertake this mode of study after a full day in the classroom? I applaud the offering and I know teachers who will grab it enthusiastically but…… I have to ask if this is the best way forward. Don’t our educators and our children with special needs deserve more? If the child in question was your special little guy or your young princess in need of extra help, how happy would you be to know that the chances of them encountering, in a main stream school, a teacher fully trained to deal with their special needs is pretty slim? Now I don’t have access to the exact figures on how many teachers have been trained for this situation but maybe someone out there will help me out on that.

While the politicians are scratching their heads on how to crack that particular training need, those teachers who can summon the strength should go here for more information.

What would I like to see? I’d like to see full training given to every teacher so that special needs pupils get the best chance. What do you think?


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