Olympic Hope?

I was just thinking the other day that it won’t be long… until the 2012 Olympics. Yip… I know .. I know… we’ll have the 2008 Beijing Olympics first and, of course, we’ll have a mass of different Football/Cricket/Rugby olympic.jpgWorld Cups to interest us before then but the Olympics is way different..isn’t it?

It takes an awful long time to prepare a decent Olympic prospect and I’ve just been wondering who are the Northern Ireland Olympic prospects for 2012? Have we got any? Now, I suspect that all the sporting associations are out there doing their bit, spotting talent, organising financial support, building new facilities, paying coaches, putting sports psychologists in place for fragile egos…etc etc.

But, who’s organising the community support that will put heart into the runners, grit into the boxers and pride into the Olympic squad? That would be local communities, wouldn’t it? But, in order to get behind the athletes, the community has to know who they are. To encourage talent the community needs to have a hand in identifying and nurturing that talent.

I don’t know about you but I think it would be way cool to have a couple of really good medal prospects for 2012. So.. here’s a request… anyone out there know an Northern Ireland Olympic prospect? If YOU do…. tell us all about them here and then maybe, just maybe, we can get behind them.

So… I did a wee trawl through Wikipedia trying to find people from anywhere in Ireland who have taken part in the Olympics. This is all I could find… but I’m sure there are more. Who’s missing from this list? It’s a wonder no-one has added Mary Peters to the Wikipedia list.

  • John Pius Boland – double Olympic medal-winner/tennis,1896
  • Michael Carruth, Olympic gold medal winner/boxing
  • Eamonn Coghlan, runner
  • Ronnie Delany – Olympic medal winner/athletics
  • Eddie Macken, horse showjumper
  • Kevin McBride, boxer
  • Wayne McCullough – Olymic Silver Medalist/Boxing
  • Barry McGuigan, boxer
  • Pat O’Callaghan – Olympic gold medal/hammer, 1928, 1932
  • Cian O’Connor – show jumper who had Olympic gold medal taken from him
  • Sonia O’Sullivan, Olympic silver medalist
  • Michelle Smith – Multi gold medalist 1996 Olympics
  • Bob Tisdall – Olympic gold medal/400mH, 1932
  • John Treacy – Olympic silver medal/marathon, 1984
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    9 Responses to Olympic Hope?

    1. That’s a short list!
      Check out a book called “Irish Olympians 1896-1992” written by Johnny Watterson and me (Lindie Naughton). In the middle of updating it, so that’s how I came across yr blob.
      There are THOUSANDS of Irish Olympians, believe me!

    2. talkni says:

      Yes… I thought it was a pretty short list myself! And I’m glad to hear there are thousands of Irish Olympians.
      I’ve searched Amazon for your book…. not available I’m afraid so I’ll have to sart to check teh local libraries. In the meantime who’s your favourite, Lindie?

    3. Bob Tisdall – sportsman and gentleman.

    4. talkni says:

      Ah… who??

      Would that be the second guy to strike gold for Ireland and would that be in the 400m hurdles( August 1st 1932)?
      Google is a great thing……. off to find out who was the first!

      Who was the first woman to get gold??

    5. Olympic Follower says:

      Talkni -Courtesy of Lindie – the answer is:
      The FIRST guy to get a medal in Amsterdam was the great Bob Tisdall in the 400m hurdles.
      Less than an hour later, Pat O’Callaghan won the hammer after Tisdall helped him pare down the spikes on his shoes.

      First woman – Maybe Mary Peters pentathlon 1972?

      First woman to compete for Ireland was an archer – Hill-Lowe, Beatrice Geraldine. Archery. 1908, Dble Nat Rd, 3rd, 118 hits, 618 score.

      First track athlete for the Republic was Maeve Kyle 1956.

      Thelma Hopkins competed for GB in 1952 (high jump).

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