Doh!…. I thought you had the keys!

Unbelievable story on the BBC today…. Handcuffed thief steals PSNI car. Go have a wee read and then maybe someone can explain how this happened!

cuffs.jpgA police statement said: “One of those who had been detained made off from the scene in a liveried police vehicle. He had been handcuffed and placed in the vehicle during the incident.”

Police chased the stolen car through the Poleglass estate for about an hour, but the suspect made his getaway after abandoning the car on the Bellsteel Road. Apparently he was later arrested.

The question now is what to do with this guy? I think one of the talent shows currently on air might well take a look at this latter day Houdini! He’s trust up in police handcuffs and still manages to steal the car and drive around the area for an hour before making good his escape. Maybe he could be found a youth experience placement with M – I hear that James Bond’s old employers are always seeking new talent and this guy obviously has some bottle. One thing is for sure someone better get him into the system ‘cos he’s a handling outside of it!

Any suggestions for improved procedures are of course welcomed by the PSNI but feel free to post them here.. 🙂


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