£1000 fine for mobile phone use!

Department of the Environment Minister Arlene Foster has announced a range of tough new measures to crack down on people driving dangerously.

driver.jpgI can’t say I disagree with the measures – not after just seeing an idiot texting while driving along my road! What is in his head? Certainly not brains!

So what’s in the new measures and what is the punishment for ignoring these regulations? Here we are:-

  • From 27 June 2007 car drivers who use a hand-held mobile phone will be liable to receive three penalty points and a maximum fine of £1000.
  • For goods vehicle drivers the maximum fine is £2,500.
  • Drivers who fail to wear a seat belt and drivers who fail to ensure that child passengers use seat belts or child restraints will also be liable to receive penalty points.

That last point is really interesting. I’ve lost count of the number of people who say of their child, “He/she won’t stay in their car seat!” My reply of, “Well, the car shouldn’t be moving, then should it?” is usually not too well received. Now that this will cost drivers penalty points maybe more people will take note.

Arlene says:-

““Almost all road deaths and injuries are preventable and most are caused by the behaviour of road users. These new penalties will send out a clear message to road users that I intend clamping down on irresponsible drivers who think they can ignore the law and put lives at risk.”

So .. more power to your elbow on this one, Arlene.

Oh… we’d all need to remember that even being on the phone when stuck in traffic or sitting at the lights is also going to cost us £1000.

Anybody out there disagree/agree?


One Response to £1000 fine for mobile phone use!

  1. talkni says:

    Ok… that is it! I saw something even STUPIDER than usual to-day. I was picking someone up from a primary school when a parent , complete with children on board her red 4×4 drove through the school gates with a mobile phone stuck to her ear. Kids all around, lashing rain… what an idiot.

    You, MRS, get to-day’s booby prize for complete idiocy.

    Unless you know there is someone out there who has seen something even dumber than this….

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