Travel? -We gotta get outa here!

With the massive disappointment, stemming from the brilliant weather last week and the change to our normal coldish, wetish June, I’ve been getting friends asking me how best to use the internet to get out of Northern Ireland for a week’s break! So I said I’d post a few sites and that maybe readers might post their favourites as well!

goldengate3.jpgSo here goes – but remember that the best deals may already be gone and that you must read the terms and conditions on these sites very carefully.

That said, you can still grab a bargain if you keep looking!
First port of call is to plump for a straight flight to anywhere sunny and the budget airlines are where you start.


  • Easyjet – From Belfast International – to loads of destinations across Europe.
  • Ryanair – From City of Derry – to London Stansted, Glasgow and from there to loads of places across Europe.
  • Jet2 – From Belfast International to Barcelona, Pisa, Toulouse etc
  • Aer Berlin – From Belfast International to mostly German destinations plus Stansted.
  • British Airways – Used to be a contender but pretty useless now.
  • BMIbaby – Fine little airline but only good for UK hops to Manchester, Heathrow, Cardiff, Birmingham
  • Zoom – if you fancy a wee Belfast to Canada jaunt!

And then you’ll need a hotel!

You have loads of choices here. You can use the airlines recommended links from their sites and they can be good or… you could spend some time checking out the hotels on the web, drop their booking desk a wee email and hang around to see what comes back. On a recent fishing like this trip like this I saved myself £200 on the accommodation alone. So I’d suggest typing this into Google: Hotels + YOUR destination (eg Rome) and see what happens! Nothing ventured – nothing gained eh!

You should always do a wee comparison with an established site to see how you are doing. Try this one as a tester.

Hotel Connect


That is how you might start but remember that you have to be careful with all these things – the stupidest things tend to bite. So read the documentation really well. I remember a bloke standing at an Easyjet gate arguing that he really didn’t need a passport to travel to Spain. You do and he didn’t! An expensive mistake to make. Read TWICE – click ONCE is a good motto to have.

Happy surfing and I hope you find a bargain.

Any more tips out there Northern Ireland?


2 Responses to Travel? -We gotta get outa here!

  1. lol says:

    cheap flights from anywhere …to anywhere 😉

  2. E says:

    Nice post, and nice times ahead! Nice pic of the Golden Gate Bridge, a short drive from where I live. San Francisco is a perfect spot for those seeking some time out of NI. Great Irish bars (no, no, NO… Trust me, they WILL be the first things you will look for, ironically!), the GG Bridge, Alcatraz, Napa (world’s finest wines, anyone?), Apple computers (a tourist attraction you say?, well, actually, yes, as are the George “Star Wars” Lucas studios, and Pixar (in Emeryville, just across the SF Bay), where the classic Shrek series is made). Robin Williams, Sharon Stone, Sean Penn, all live here or hereabouts, as does half of Hollywood if rumour is true (no, they don’t live under the big sign).

    All are welcome!


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