Norn Iron Sayings!

I’ve been thinking about some of our local sayings and I think I’d quite like to gather a few before I shuffle off this mortal coil. So here’s goes with a couple of my favourite sayings that I’d love to know the orgin of! Do you know where these started or have you a favourite of your own?

1. Do you think I was born up a tree in Rosemount. (Derry usage: I’m not stupid, you know!)

2. You’re as far away as Kate Logue. (Derry usage: You are not really “with it”.)

3. Give it lilty! (Derry usage: Do your best/ come on, give it more effort. )

4. Now we’re sucking diesel! (County Derry usage: you’re doing well.)

5. You’re a buck eeejit! (Derry usage: you’re an awfully foolish person.)

6. You’re winding me up. (Derry usage: you’re taking the p**s here!)

7. Do you think I came up the Foyle in a bubble? (Derry usage: I’m not stupid, you know!)

8. “Yes.” – (Derry usage: good morning/afternoon/evening. = Belfast’s ‘bou u “)

As you’ll notice I only know the Derry meanings but I’m sure someone can put me straight on other meanings. But where did they come from? What starts them off?

Add an explanation or add an interesting saying and we’ll have a bit of a laugh.


57 Responses to Norn Iron Sayings!

  1. lol says:

    wind ur neck in (stop bein such a buck eejit!)

    it was quare craic (something was higly amusing)

    more power to yer elbow (think thats the same as giving it lilty!)

  2. Cynic32a/b/80 says:

    Somebody said to me in a Belfast pub recently: “Stickin’ out!”

    Eh! What does that mean? I checked for mistakes in the zipping up area, I can tell u. Where did that come from then, as a saying?

  3. Carly says:

    “Sticking out” means super, great, fab, that’s fine!. Have not got a clue where it comes from. Sorry

  4. talkni says:

    Thanks for that Carly! Just what I needed to know. What is your favourite saying by the way?

  5. gerard says:

    I’ve got to say something about people going about saying “big shoppping centre in Ballymena hi!” like it’s a) funny b) witty c) original d) true. People in Ballymena don’t talk like that. In fact if you went into Dunclug or Ballykeel and said that to someone they would probably stab you.

    • me says:

      That is so true Gerard. We dont go round sayin that..they arent even ‘big shopping centres’, there pretty wee…starbucks was probably the best thing in the fairhill until they took that away too!

    • necky mcwind up says:

      Where’s Dunclug and Ballykeel? Are they big Housing Estates in Ballymena hey?

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