Flooded…. Northern Ireland?

Well ….the summer came to a thunderous end to-day, didn’t it, with the extensive flooding in many parts of Northern Ireland. I’ve just spent a concerned 70 minutes as the storm rolled over my part of our little green country and I count myself darned lucky that the drains held up to the onslaught. My sympathies are with those less fortunate.


You can pick up on many photos of the floods at numerous sites but start here:



Belfast Telegraph

And one amazing thing I’ve just noticed on the BBC evening news is the use of video phone footage sent in by ordinary people. Wow… aren’t communications getting amazingly fast.

But… here’s a thing that I’m wrestling with just a little bit. The airways are hot with news pundits attacking government spokespeople about the floods and asking, “Why did you not do more?” Is that a helpful question? What happened the concept of “act of God”? Let’s face it, our political leaders can barely take care of the mundane things – like agreeing they can take off their coats in Stormont during exceptionally hot weather – without a fight! What chance have they of organising something to take on an “act of God”? When the sky decides to dump so much water on one place in a very short time who do you want helping out – a six foot tall fireman with a manual pump or a weedy, politician who’s spent too much time in the Stormont restaurant? If it’s the former, what’s the point of the pundits asking politicians why they weren’t there? Who cares where they are unless they have a shovel in on ehand and a mop in the other!

I figure the questions by the media to our political leaders should have been something like,

“What are you doing to help those who’ve been hit by the floods?”

“How much aid do you intend to give to the poorest uninsured householders?”

“How do you intend to gather the lessons from these floods to prevent this happening again?”

WHat questions would you have liked to see asked?

Have you a tale of to-day’s flooding that you would like to share? Post your story below.


2 Responses to Flooded…. Northern Ireland?

  1. talkniadmin says:

    Good news – a little – the Northern Ireland Executive have set up a £5 Million Flood Relief Fund. Check out this story:

    Councillors meet over flood money, which details that Belfast councillors are due to meet to discuss what to do with the money. Omagh and Castlereagh and councils are to receive a portion of the hardship fund set up by Finance Minister Peter Robinson through the Department of Environment. Environment Minister Arlene Foster is expected to channel the money through councils.
    Mr Robinson said:-
    “The focus for this aid is not the provision of financial compensation, but instead the provision of practical assistance in areas such as cleaning up flood damage, restoring essential household utilities, and ensuring homes are made habitable as quickly as possible.”

    So a pretty swift response on this occasion. Well done all. And no…. it won’t be enough but can any amount ever be?

  2. talkni says:

    Good news on the flood front for those worst hit! The BBC is carrying this story:
    £1k for each flood damaged home

    Minister Arlene Foster is quoted as saying:-

    “I have advised councils to complete their assessments of the most urgent needs over the weekend, and to make payments available from Monday. Many householders have already contacted their local councils but those who have not and consider they might be eligible should do so as soon as possible about flood damage to their homes”.
    So get in contact with the council as soon as possible to get things moving.

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