Bank Robbery?

The saga of the banks robbing us continues in the news to-day. The latest episode is well outlined here in this BBC Report: £1K a day’ for bank reclaimers wherein the banks’ notion that we are only earning money to throw it straight to their shareholders is outlined.

The Northern Ireland Consumers’ Council has so far helped people reclaim £100, 000 worth of bank charges. You’ll remember that the only reason the banks are paying the money back is that the charges are illegal but you have to go and face them down personally if you want the money back in your account. Now the NI Consumers’ Council have ridden to the aid of ordinary folk by producing a wee booklet to guide everyone in how to get their own money back. (This link should download a PDF of the guide for you, if you are interested. Never let it be said that we at aren’t interested in helping teh little guy!)

So guys… up and atem and let’s see if can’t get some of our money back.

Have you a story to tell about over charging or your success in getting your money back? If you’d care to share it we’d love to listen … I just love it when the wee guy wins!


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