Sinn Fein & the Policing Board

Every new day has a new dawn and to-day is one of those. To-day, Sinn Fein is going to take part in its first full meeting of the Northern Ireland Policing Board. Whewwwwww this is going to be interesting! As Sinn Fein’s Alex Maskey, Martina Anderson and Daithi McKay sit across from 4 DUP members, 2 Unionists, 1 SDLP rep and Chief Constable Hugh Orde will they all smile happily at each other and witter on or will they do some work?


You can read some more about the meeting here in this BBC report SF in first public board meeting but apparently the board will discuss a range of matters, including the murder of Robert McCartney and allegations of collusion between the security forces and loyalist paramilitaries. All things we’d like to know some more about but….. I’d also quite like to know:-

  • why our streets are so unsafe that I can’t walk home from the pub at night the way I used to;
  •  why traffic management is so poor that every journey takes an age;
  • why the streets are littered with broken bottles fired by mindless louts;
  • why weans keep firing bricks onto the West Link;
  •  why publicans who sell drink to children still have a licence;
  •  why so few police walk the streets,
  • why…. why….why…

So perhaps when the policing board members have spend 75% of the meeting tearing lumps off each other on the “big” issues they might want to spend some time on my wee questions.However, I wish them well to-day. But I suspect they might need a few bouncers in the room to help keep order!

What do you think? Will Sinn Fein joining this board make any real difference?


2 Responses to Sinn Fein & the Policing Board

  1. TalkNI,
    Is that bouncers with bloody big guns or are they the new kind of highly trained door-supervisor.
    Hard to imagine that smiling meeting

  2. Cregganite1951 says:

    And I see that our Hugh has decided to add Tasers to some of his men’s belts. Yesterday he said:-

    “”I have decided in principle that the introduction of Tasers for specialist officers is something I want to do. That having been said, no officers have been trained and no devices have been purchased.”

    I suppose we can assume their emergency call out response will electrifying quick from now on! Or will those guys have special wires? Maybe Hugh is trying to bring some ZING and ZAP to the chaps.

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