Stories – you can’t take them with you!

I was at a funeral to-day, a sad occasion at any time but, in this case, it was also a celebration of a marvelously full 95 years of life! One of the mourners observed that she had just meet a long unseen cousin at the funeral who entertained her with several really brilliantly remembered tales from “the old days”.

She went on to say she had told her cousin,

“You should write all those stories down so that your grandchildren can hear them.”


And you know what? She’s absolutely right! Far too many stories are lost through lack of recording. Yes.. yes.. I know there are guys out there collecting old yarns and putting some into books but it just isn’t enough! These old stories are the stuff of our local, oral history. In the days before the electric light, radio and TV wee children used to be gathered of an evening and the family stories were retold by the the dim glow of the fading fireplace embers. But, TV put paid to this long before “Big Brother” reality shows put in an appearance!

So I made a promise to this particular person that I’d start an item in this community to encourage everyone to pass on a story about their family, about the “old days”, about their growing up and about times gone by. So here’s an opportunity to pass on some of the old stories from your family, your street, your area. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. Come you great story tellers get sharing!

Here’s how this works.

If you feel very confident you can just log in and post your story using your own name. Just follow the instructions here if you want to do that.

If you don’t want to use your own name, but you do want to record your story, then just scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form before posting.

  • Choose a name you like (Antrim1965, Belfast Docker, Old Soldier etc.. you choose one you like);
  • fill in a real email address (you will not be contacted and your email address will NOT show on site);
  • tell your story.

Scroll until you see this:-

Telling your story.

  • You can tell as much of the story as your feel able to at this moment in time;
  • You may want to change the names of people involved if you feel they might be too embarrassed by elements of the story you are telling;
  • Be sure to say in your posting if you have changed the names of those involved so that others of the same name don’t get into trouble!

Lastly, thanks for sharing.



One Response to Stories – you can’t take them with you!

  1. Up There says:

    So, way back, when I was a wean and Creggan was a new estate, we used to think that the place was wile far from the town. Nowadays we’d think we should walk the distance for health reason or take a car for safety but, back then, an auld blue bus used to trundle around Creggan and then make it’s way down Beechwood Avenue and for 1 1/2d we’d be down the town. This was really a bit of an adventure and was a change from the usual charge down the hill or the longer trek back up it!

    I remember my big sister deciding that I should be treated to an outing at the pictures and we’d take the bus. Everything was great and we arrived at the stop on Broadway with plenty of time to spare. At the stop was also a man, long black coat, flat cap and swaying a bit. Watching the bus come along the street is the thing I remember before waking up at home covered in blood. The drunken B******d fell on me and knocked me out cold. I never found out who he was but I really hate bus stops to this day.

    Laugh if you want then…..

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