The visitor to our shores.

I’m frequently astounded by the many visitors I see strolling around Northern Ireland. Of course we have the student type lugging massive backpacks while searching for the legendary lost hostel where the craic is 90, the beer is cheap and the women/fellas are worth meeting. Having searched throughout the uncivilised world they have eventually washed unto the shores of Ireland in a vain attempt to find that holy grail.

NI Tourist Board

Then we have the ….well heeled and cultured traveler who has embraced and delved into to find one of our now splendid selection of hotels. They flock to these shores with expectations high that every corner in Northern Ireland sports a wonderful combination of Guinness fueled craic, quaint but incisive humorous banter and a really convenient Marks & Spencer stocking authentic Aran jumpers emblazoned with Irish Freedom/Ulster Defence Force crests.

And everyone is welcome and it is great to see visitors enjoying our wonderfully wet climate! (Why should we suffer alone, eh? ) But have you ever stopped to think what all these visitors make of us? No? Well let’s find out.

Come on visitors.. here’s your chance to pour your experiences of Northern Ireland onto the lily white expanses of cyberspace.…now.. don’t hold back. Just tell it like it is! We can take it. 🙂


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