Eating Out: The Exchange, Derry.

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Dropped into “The Exchange, Restaurant and Bar” at Queen’s Quay, Derry during the week. As usual, a nice quiet meal – made even nicer by the absence of smoke. What a great pleasure to eat out in a smoke free zone! I didn’t notice any less of a crowd than normal so it looks like this restaurant is weathering the “smoking-ban-backlash.”

The Exchange

The staff were …..their normal friendly selves as I tucked into my medallions of pork and noticed that the delightful Anne seemed to enjoy the chicken kebab. I have to say that a bill of £33.25 wasn’t unreasonable after the inclusion of a pint of beer, a vodka and a couple of glasses of plonk. All in all a pretty pleasant way to spend an evening.

Now.. here’s the challenge .. if I was visiting any other town in Northern Ireland where’s it safe to eat out? 🙂

  • Is there anywhere in Belfast worth a visit?
  • What about Newry?
  • What’s the best wee undiscovered restaurant in you part of Northern Ireland?
  • Where would you travel miles just to eat in?

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