Rising PFI costs ‘putting hospitals at risk – BBC NEWS

September 22, 2011

BBC News – Rising PFI costs ‘putting hospitals at risk’.


Now who would have predicted this?


Yet another example of the PRIVATE SECTOR shafting us and politicians allowing it to happen because they are are feathering their own nests.


“Department of Health figures show yearly bills are forecast to rise by 75% to more than £2.5bn in the next 18 years, mainly because of inflation.

It means once the last scheme is paid off – in 2049 – more than £70bn will have been handed over.

That figure also includes, in some cases, fees for services such as building maintenance, cleaning, catering and portering.

But even taking those services into account the sum far exceeds the value of the building projects, which stands at a combined £11.4bn.”


Now, of course, the “new” government aren’t to blame – they say.


Aye, right, and I’m a billionaire!


Breathe in… « The Man In The Yellow Hat Lives Here

August 12, 2011

Breathe in… « The Man In The Yellow Hat Lives Here.


I agree.


Go see these guys when/where/as soon as you can!


BBC News – Danny Alexander denies public sector pension ‘assault’

June 18, 2011

BBC News – Danny Alexander denies public sector pension ‘assault’.

Seriously dangerous deranged thinking! This government is comprised of upper-class rich w*nkers who are only focused on their own nests.


’nuff said.


What do you think?


BBC News – Daniel O’Donnell breaks UK chart record for album sales

March 16, 2011

Daniel O’Donnell breaks UK chart record for album sales

via BBC News – Daniel O’Donnell breaks UK chart record for album sales.


Sadly, the record wasn’t any of his own………….

But teams of people are standing by to help him if needs be!


WATER BOARD CEO-Laurence MacKenzie resignation statement: BBC NEWS

January 6, 2011

BBC News – In full: Laurence MacKenzie resignation statement.

I’m not renowned for my understanding nods and sympathetic supportive comments when civil servants make massive mistakes and leave us hanging out to dry but the recent treatment of Northern Ireland Water CEO Laurence MacKenzie does NOT serve us well.

It is very difficult to see what this fall guy could have done to prevent the recent water crisis.

  • He did not control the last 50 years of underspend on water infrastructure that meant so many aged and under-maintained pipes were not fit for purpose- the government did! Let’s sack a politician.
  • He did not decide the current budget allocation to NI Water that allows for the employment of staff, the man hours for meticulous disaster planning and the bulk purchase and storage of massive water relief aid if disaster strikes – the government did! Let’s sack a politician.
  • He did not control the weather and since these conditions were “unprecedented” it seems a bit harsh to put the guy’s career in the freezer over something that our weather experts did not predict!

It seems to me that the correct head to roll here is that of a politician.

It is time for Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy to take political responsibility for the failing of his department. Now, since he too could not have foreseen this particular set of circumstances, I’m sure Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness could then post him to some other department where we can await patiently his not foreseeing some other impending disaster.

At least by one of them resigning our politicians would show some element of  political maturity, an ounce of the accountability they currently avoid by all means possible and Laurence MacKenzie could use the disaster we’ve experienced as leverage to get the situation sorted out before it all happens again.

BUT… here’s my prediction of what will happen now MacKenzie’s resignation has been accepted:-

  • no politicians resign and this behaviour just re-enforces the public perception that ALL POLITICIANS are merely self-serving, money grabbing, morally corrupt incompetents;
  • the disaster will be used as a rationale for the privatisation of the water utility in Northern Ireland;
  • a nice shiny new CEO will be appointed to the latest money making exercise. No doubt he/she will be  all cleanly washed and buffed to a shine and will then proceed to take a massive salary for “sorting out the problem” . He/she will fail in this task and the abject failure will only be highlighted when we have prolonged droughts and/or another session on Mother Nature’s freezer. By the time all this happens the politicians will have moved on, made even more money from having done nothing but jabber and the NI public will be paying through the pocket for private shareholders to rake in big dividends while the water system continues to corrode beneath our streets.

Am I wrong in my prediction? I do hope so but I doubt it.

BBC News – Vince Cable said he could quit coalition if pushed

December 21, 2010

BBC News – Vince Cable said he could quit coalition if pushed.

Demonstrated for all to see- self serving, ingratiating, smarmy good-for-nothing changeling back-shooting sniper.

The only thing the LIB Dems are interested in is power and how big their government pensions can be when they eventually get booted out.

And the sooner that happens ….the better for everyone.

Sentenced to a public lashing for daring to wear trousers | The Observers

December 16, 2010

Any Government that allows this is barbaric in the extreme. All aid to the country must be cut off until such practices cease.

This is a complete disgrace.

“This video of young woman being brutally whipped by a police officer in public has inflamed the Sudanese Web since it was posted online last Wednesday. Our Observer says the footage shocked even the most conservative Sudanese people.

This isn’t the first time that a woman is submitted to a public flogging for “indecent” behaviour in Sudan (in this case, the young woman was reportedly sentenced for wearing trousers). A little over a year ago, the case of Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese woman who defied the courts to carry out her public whipping despite the immunity granted by her status as a UN staffer, made international headlines. Under pressure, the Sudanese government eventually pardoned Lubna, but as the recent video shows, other women aren’t so lucky.
On December 14,  a group of about 30 women who tried to deliver a protest letter to the justice ministry in Khartoum were arrested. Our Observer was one of them.”